Keep an eye out for Bistro-E’s picture-perfect interiors

Antony Rahman, Ice Today
3 November, 2016

Bistro-E, an establishment which caters exclusively to the upper echelon of Dhaka’s foodies, is a unique take on the usual Bistro restaurant format. It manages to be simultaneously cosy and opulent, presenting an air of luxurious comfort that is difficult to replicate.

Upon entering Bistro-E, one’s eyes are immediately drawn to the counter, which displays some of the restaurant’s fruits and drinks. A soothing green backdrop serves to emphasize the relaxing vibe of the establishment.

The main area is split into beautifully arranged dining tables and elegant European-style sofa chairs for customers to unwind in. The stylish and classic-looking floor is more than it appears; being a unique design from Bay research and testing lab not found anywhere else in Bangladesh, or possibly even the whole world.

The vibrant paintings work together with the soft lighting to immerse patrons in a sense of warmth and tranquillity. Bistro-E has an incredibly restful and calm feeling about it, exuding peaceful neutrality in every aspect of its appearance. The arrangement of lounge chairs in soft hues, along with a delicately crafted bookshelf encourages visitors to indulge in some reading and relaxation. 

Comfortable booths line the walls, promoting an atmosphere of privacy that gels with the overall theme of the entire place. The mood lighting of the overhead lamps subtly emphasises the gorgeous tables, which are custom made from butcher block and imported directly from Japan.
Smartly situated windows present a view of the hustle and bustle of Dhaka city from a relaxed vantage point, really highlighting the peaceful, quiet, ‘away from the crowd’ atmosphere that is already so pervasive in other aspects of the decor.
Bistro-E also boasts a separate space reserved for business meetings and private parties. An aura of sophistication and exclusivity permeate the room, heightened by the presence of tasteful artwork and the exquisite furniture. The colours of the dark furniture, light walls along with the paintings work together to present an aesthetically pleasing contrast.